Talking Animals

5 thoughts on “Talking Animals

  1. Mōrena Jamie,

    This activity is so funny and I have loved seeing everyones take on talking animals.

    I think yours is incredible and so hilarious, it reminds me of the seagulls in Finding Nemo when they all shout mine, mine when the bread is being thrown at them.

    I love the video you have used and the layered voices are incredible, such a great job that I am going to mark this as an outstanding post so you receive a bonus point.

    I would love to know what inspired your talking animals, was it from a film or is this what you imagine a school of fishes conversation to sound like?

    Keep up the great work and I look forward to seeing more of your posts.
    Ka kite anō,
    Zana Yates

  2. Kia ora Jamie, I really like your video. It’s so funny, when I watched your video I burst out laughing. I have never used WeVideo, it really hard for me to do it. But it looks like you did GREAT at making your video.

    – Leata RM8

  3. Happy Belated New year Jamie!

    I love this activity that you did. It was absolutely hilarious! I really like the choice of video that you have. All the fish crowding together is really good for your voice overs. It’s a really smart Idea how you did multiple voice overs! This is so great!

    -Karolina @ Hay Park

  4. Kia Ora Jamie! Patrick here.

    Wow this video was hilarious! I like the video you have selected and what you chose to do with it. Smart Choice!

    What is your favourite animal? Mine is the Borneo native monkey called the Proboscis monkey.

    Have a splendid New Year!

  5. Kia ora,
    It’s Jasmine from st marys schoolI like how you used a group of fish because there bright and colorful.I can’t exactly hear what they are saying.It looks cool how it looks like threre huddling in a group and talking about.My favorite animal is a horse.What’s your’s?
    Kind regards

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