Ballet in a Box

The reception was stuffy with loud schoolkids eager to watch ballerinas leap across a colourful lit stage. Our school had been invited to a free show called Ballet in a Box hosted by RNZB– Royal New Zealand Ballet.

Our class started a hand game called So Makalo which involves at least two players to play. Half our school played, entertaining one other school. Sadly, I don’t have any access to any photos of us playing it. Check my fellow classmates’ blogs to view the photos of us playing.

The stage was huge with a tall red curtain and there were plenty of seats to choose from, but our school sat in the first three rows.

Classical ballet was first, and were introduced by two lovers at a flower festival. The female ballerina was wearing a flowy dress, which probably had flowers on it although I don’t remember.

Our class had been taught a bit of a dance called Frenzy. The dance type is called contemporary and it was shown on stage with music from a New Zealand band.

The last and my personal favorite for me, is called Mahina. It is about two lovers realising the impact from our actions which could reflect on the earth. Mahina’s dress looked similar to this girl’s dress.

The Journey of Marriage Through Life

For Religious Education we made a Google Drawing of the journey of Marriage through life. We learnt about the celebration of the Sacrament of Marriage. We have to take Marriage seriously because it is a life’s work to teach you children about Catholicism -if you ever have children.

My drawing shows a newly married couple facing different stages of their relationship throughout life.

Church on Earth and Heaven

How I See It

There is a donut-looking shape with a purple to blue gradient. It symbolizes heaven as the purple colour, and earth as the blue colour. The sun and moon are there to represent opposites between the earth and heaven.

Angels are shown on the purple background, and normal people on the earth background. When we finish our pilgrimage(journey) to a wholler and fuller life at the time of our death, we reach Jesus and are now fully one and holy with Him in heaven.

Jesus is in the center, blessing and welcoming us.

Meningococcal B Disease

Meningococcal disease is an uncommon but serious infection caused by the bacteria Neisseria meningitidis. 

Anyone can get Meningococcal B, but babies, children under 5’s and teens are at most risk.

It’s transferred by:


-Coughing and sneezing

-Sharing drinks, eating utensils

-Living in close quarters(too many people in a confined area)