Open Day

On the 15th of March, Wednesday, I went to Sancta Maria College open day.

Sadly, I missed Room 7 and 8’s Waka Ama for this event. Before we went into the college’s auditorium, my mum, brother and I went to the reception for the primary school for my brother. Sancta Maria College’s open day started from 8:30 to 1:30, and we were welcomed by senior students(year 12 and up) in front of the auditorium.

2 senior students showed us around the college and the main places year 9’s and 10’s would stay at. After the tour we went to other schools but mostly colleges. Some of the colleges we visited were Pakuranga College, Elims Christian College and Edgewater College because they are near my mum’s work place.

Our last stop until home was to go to the supermarket and buy groceries. To treat ourselves, we bought ice cream to cool off from the hot sun that made us so exhausted.

Georg’s Diary Entry

7th September 1940

“Is she really dead…?” I asked the old man.

“Unfortunately, she is, lad,” he replied, while wiping Elizabeth’s blood on his pants.

“You can come with us, if you’d like. We have a bunker near St. Mark’s.”

“No it’s alright,” I said. “My aunt gave me the keys to our flat.”

“OK, be safe, lad,” The old man replied. I walk away gloomily. I just saw my friend die..

The second I walk away I feel that everyone blames me. Even myself. Miniature flames on my left and the cracking of brick on my right. Like.. me. Everything has changed. Do I have the worst of luck? 

I cough and cough. What is wrong with me? I really need my gas mask. I pat my leather pockets to find that.. Where’s my gas mask? I search my pockets once more. No gas mask. No oxygen. No Aunt Miria- what am I even thinking. I have to get back to our flat. Tall buildings surround me. Stress levels go through the roof- or should I say, gas. I sprint as fast as I can to where I remember coming from our flat. Flat 26.. Flat 26..

Pennies for Hitler – Clay Work


Our class, Room 8 is reading Pennies for Hitler by Jackie French. One of the activities we did was that we had to choose a critical moment from the book and sculpt it using clay.

My group chose a scene of a dog being euthanized because the owners had to save their rations for themselves.

My group’s rationale for this scene is that we have to sometimes let go of the people or things we love to take care of ourselves first.

It was a critical moment in the story because somebody wanted a dog but they saw that there were some consequences of owning it. For example, with food rationed it is hard to have food and water for animals and people.

About Me – Profile 2023

Hello, Kia ora, Malo lelei, Kumusta, and welcome to my blog! My name is Jamie. I am a year 8 at Saint Patrick’s School, Auckland, New Zealand.

Some of my interests include the colour red, cooking & baking, eating dessert, writing stories, music, playing badminton, and caring for animals, especially strays.

In my family I have one cheeky brother and a caring mum & funny dad.

In my blog and class blog; and in our awesome class, Room 8, are currently learning about different types of math, descriptive writing, and using our minds creatively when making art and doing other subjects like writing, etc.

I hope you visit my blog again.

Summer Kilikiti

Here is my Venn Diagram in Google Slides. I would like to play Kilikiti because I think it would be a little hard to hold the heavy bat but when I manage it I think it would be fun because it is like a celebration with singing and food. I hope you like my Venn diagram.

Summer Skills

Here is the video to my handstand trial. I am in this small room because I am at my auntie’s house and other people are occupying the garage. I also didn’t remove the bloopers and kept saying to myself “you can always catch yourself.”

I learnt from the handstand tutorial to use “spider hands” so you can grip the ground. Next time I should use spider hands and try to close my legs when I’m in the air. Anyways I hope you like my trial!